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在线的学费 & 费用

Understanding Your Costs

Loyola’s online programs provide affordable paths to earning your degree, with the flexibility to choose a course load that works with your schedule and your budget. We’ll help you plan for the best investment you’ll make in yourself.

The cost of your program will depend on:

  1. The program in which you are enrolled (see tuition and fee rates below).
  2. The number of credit hours you enroll in per semester.
  3. The number of required credits remaining before you are eligible to graduate. You may be eligible to apply transfer credits toward your degree.

In order to help you better understand and plan for the cost of your Loyola education, we've created a calculator that you can use to estimate your tuition, 费用, and additional expenses. Download Expense Planner



程序 Cost per credit hour
All 本科 程序s $450
研究生 护理 程序s (MSN + DNP) $818
Loyola Institute of 部 研究生 程序s $409
Master of Business Administration $950
All 其他 研究生 程序s $818


Enrollment Status Cost per semester
本科: 1-11 credit hrs
研究生: 1-5 credit hrs
本科 12+ credit hours
研究生 6+ credit hrs


  Cost per semester
Enrollment Status 秋天 春天 夏天
1 - 5学分
$250 $250 $110
6 +学分
$500 $500 $225


*Additional 费用 may apply: Books and course materials are not included ($50-$150 per class on average). Graduating students are assessed a one-time graduation fee of $311. 



Have questions about financial aid availability or applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)? 了解更多